How to light a kettle BBQ with Heat Beads® Briquettes

Wondering how to light your kettle BBQ?

Wondering how to light your kettle BBQ?

  • Watch the video (above right) and read the instructions below.
  • Remove the cooking grill. Place 3 Heat Beads® Firelighters on each side of the BBQ unit. Ensure the vents are open and the lid is off.
  • Fill baskets/rails until the briquettes are level with the top edge. Light the firelighters and move baskets directly over the firelighters. Leave for 30 minutes. Do not disturb. Do not replace the lid yet.
  • Briquettes are ready once they are covered in a light coloured ash. Indirect cooking – slide baskets to each side of the BBQ. Place a drip tray between the baskets/rails, replace the cooking grill and leave lid on while cooking.
  • Direct cooking – if using baskets, after ash-over, position baskets side by side in the centre of the fire grill.
  • TO EXTINGUISH: Close all vents and leave the lid on.

Note to first time users

We recommend practicing arranging unlit briquettes and the placing of the baking dish in your BBQ before working with a hot BBQ. You will find it quicker and easier to work with hot briquettes when you know how they should be arranged. Gloves and long tongs are a must when working with hot briquettes.

Take care not to block top air vents when using baking dishes covered with aluminium foil.

It is easy to lose track of time when you are barbecuing, so it may be helpful to use a timer as a reminder of cooking periods. When you have finished cooking, close down all vents to save any unused fuel.

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