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The turkey cook time calculator is a must-use for your next BBQ. Try it today!

Welcome to the Heat Beads® Turkey Cook Time Calculator

Enter your meal time and the weight of your bird and the calculator will tell you when to fire up the BBQ!

*Before you click CALCULATE, remember to add 20-30 minutes to your
recommended cooking time if you have stuffing in your turkey. We also recommend you read the Turkey Cook Time Calculator Terms of Use.


Here are FIVE BBQ tips you must know about cooking turkey.

So you’ve read the tips and know how to use our handy Turkey Cook Time Calculator – now what? Watch our simple video (above right) on how you can make the best BBQ turkey using a Kettle BBQ.

Ready to start? We’ve got a tried, tested and oh-so-tasty Turkey BBQ Recipe and more at BBQ Recipes.

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